9 Days of May Commemoration  -  Washington, DC  -  May 18, 2017

From: Warren Wilkins

Subject: May 18, 2017 DC Commemoration


How are you? I hope and trust all is well.

On May, 18, 2017, Victor Renza, B Company, 1-8 Infantry intends to visit and spend the day at the Wall in Washington, DC to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the "Nine Days in May" battles. Vic expects several other 1-8 Infantry veterans of the "Nine Days" to attend the gathering (I will be attending as well) and has asked me to invite veterans from the 1-8 Infantry, 3-12 Infantry and the 3-8 Infantry to join us. 

Please note, however, this is not a reunion so much as it is a commemoration of the "Nine Days" and those who lost their lives in that bloody campaign. While Vic intends to remain at the Wall for most of the day, other attendees are free to come and go throughout the day they please. That night we will all dine together at a local eatery. There are no events scheduled, and this is a one-day commemoration event only. Those who wish to stay in the DC area longer to sight-see, visit family/friends etc are certainly welcome to do so on their own schedules.

In addition, there will be no formal invitations, pre-arranged accommodations etc. Consequently, all prospective attendees will be responsible for arranging their own travel/accommodations arrangements. 

Please feel free to invite other "Nine Days" veterans from each of your prospective battalions and companies.



( Webmasters note:  Warren Wilkins is the Author of:

"Nine Days in May: The Battles of the 4th Infantry Division on the Cambodian Border, 1967 "  

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