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User's Guide

Note: Gallery 1 & 2 are closed to new registration but can still be logged into by existing albums owners for editing.
Gallery 3 is open for new Album registration.

Logging In
Creating Albums
Adding Photos
Editing Photo Properties
Editing Album Properties
Users and Permissions


This should be the fun part.  Just experiment by clicking on any item that will highlight and you will get the hang of it.  Be sure to check out Sub albums listed on the right side of the screen or in the Album.  Clicking on an image will display the full size version if there is one.

If you see a photo that you would like to know more about or add information to,  please contact the album Owner [email], click on their name and it should open your email program with their address already filled in.

If you would like to add your own Album the following is the basic information on how to create one and manage it.

Register First

On the main gallery 2 page click on "[register]" and follow the instructions when the new registration window opens.

Note: Some browsers may load a new window in the background or a POP UP blocker may deny it, so look around if it doesn't appear and /or disable your POP UP blocker.

Logging In

When you ran the [register] , you specified a user name and created a password. Now it's time to use it! On the main Gallery page, click "[login]" Using the username and your password during registration, login to the Gallery! You now have full User privileges of the Album you will create.

Creating Albums

Creating albums is extremely simple, just click "[new album]". The new album is created. You should see the message "Hey! Add some photos" However, before adding photos, it's usually a good idea to modify some of the album properties, such as title, description, and name.  If you want more than one album create a nested sub-album, see Edit Album Properties below.  This will help to keep the main page shorter.

Go back to the main Gallery 2 page by clicking the link in the top right by the up arrow. You should see the new album on the main page. To edit the title of the new album, click "[edit title]" by the current title (for new albums, it defaults to "Untitled"). To edit the description, do the same thing by clicking on "[edit description]". Finally, rename the album. Click on the link in the sentence "Hey! Rename this album so that the URL is not so generic". Once you've done this, you're ready to add photos.

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Adding Photos

To add photos in an album, navigate to the album and click "[add photos]". You can now browse your computer and upload photos, adding an optional caption with each image. You can also change the number of file upload boxes displayed by using the select box.  Click "Upload Now"  and you're on your way.  Try to remember the folks on dial-up modems and keep image file size reasonable, around 150-300 Kb will display a good quality 800 x 600 JPEG image.  There is a 1024 Kb limit on individual images.

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Editing Photo Properties

Each photo in Gallery has a list of properties that can be edited.  The <Edit Photo> box is under each image.

Image Properties

  • Edit Text -- Edits caption, description, keywords, and other custom fields defined for the image

  • Edit Thumbnail -- Uses a java applet to edit which part of the image should be shown as the thumbnail

  • Rotate/Flip Photo -- Self-explanatory, rotates or flips the photo. Rotate can be done in 90 degree increments.

  • Highlight Photo -- Use this photo to represent the album

  • Move Photo -- Move a range of photos to a new album

  • Reorder Photo -- Reorder this photo within the album only.

  • Copy Photo -- Copy a range of photos to a new album.

  • Hide Photo -- Hides a photo. Only admins and the album owner can see hidden photos.

  • Delete Photo -- Deletes the photo (no undo)

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Edit Album Properties

When you are an album owner, you can edit certain properties about an album. When you are in your album, there will be a number of links in the top right of the screen. Each is explained below. This is under <admin options> in the navigation bar.

  • Add Photos -- Add photos to the album (see the adding photos section for more information)

  • Custom Fields -- Edit the custom fields defined for this album.

  • Edit Captions -- Edit captions for the images in the album (more efficient that editing each item's caption individually)

  • Rename Album -- Change the name of the album (i.e. the name in the URL)

  • New Nested Album -- Create a sub-album in this album. It will be listed on the right side on the main page.

  • Permissions -- Edit the permissions for the album (see 'Users and Permissions' below for more information)

  • Properties -- Edit various properties of the album, including title, summary, and various properties related to the album's appearance.  Be sure to save settings and refresh your browser to see changes.

  • Rebuild thumbs -- Rebuild all the thumbnails in the album

  • Resize all -- Resize all the photos in the album to a certain size

  • Sort -- Sort the images by various criteria

  • Slideshow -- (seen by all users) Display a slideshow of all the images in the album

  • Logout -- Log out of Gallery

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Users and Permissions

Note:   Be Careful in here!  This is more for your reference.  Changing  permissions could allow someone else to modify or delete parts of your album. 

Once you have created an album, you can give other users permissions. If you'd like to give a certain user a certain permission on an album, simply click on "[permissions]" by an album (if it's a top level album), navigate into the album and click "[permissions]" (sub-album or top level album), or select "Permissions" from the drop down box underneath an album (sub-album only). This will bring up a permissions dialog, which you can give certain users permissions for the album.


  • Users who can see the album -- {EVERYBODY}  Self-explanatory. Anyone in this box can see the album and navigate through it.

  • Users who can change album text -- {NOBODY } Users who can change captions under images, the album description, the album title, and an item's custom fields.

  • Users who can add photos -- {NOBODY } Self-explanatory. Anyone in this box can add photos to the album.

  • Users who can modify photos -- {NOBODY } Users who can move the album (i.e. position), rename the album, reset the album's click counter, edit thumbnails, rotate/flip photos, change the album highlight, move photos (i.e. position), and hide photos.

  • Users who can delete photos -- {NOBODY } Self-explanatory. Anyone in this box can delete photos.

  • Users who can create sub albums -- {NOBODY } Self-explanatory. Anyone in this box can create sub albums within the album.

  • Users who can view full (original) images -- {EVERYBODY} Anyone in this box can view the full image (not the resized image. Anyone who can see the album [see above] can see the thumbnail and resized version of the image).

  • Users who can add comments -- (disabled function) {EVERYBODY} Self-explanatory. Anyone in this box can add comments to gallery.

  • Users who can view comments -- {(disabled function) {EVERYBODY} Self-explanatory. Anyone is this box can view comments made by other users. This includes the ability to search for images by comments.

Also included in the Gallery permissions system, there are 3 pseudo-users that represent groups of users.

  • EVERYBODY -- Represent every user, logged in or not

  • LOGGEDIN -- Represents every logged in user

  • NOBODY -- Excludes all users, logged in or not


Even if certain permissions are set to NOBODY, administrators and album owners will still have access to these functions

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