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4th Infantry Division   IVY DRAGOONS - 3rd Battalion of the 8th Infantry Regiment - 4th Infantry Division 8th Infantry Regiment
Vietnam Service Ribbon

Capt John Tadrzak - Alpha Co. 69 - MisFitsAudio Website

Kenneth Ervin's Websites -  Bravo Co. -  Photos & Blogs  67

Richard Ciavarra's Website - Delta Co. -  Photos  67-69

Michael Boxer's Website - Delta Co. -  68-69

Jackson Day's Website - Battalion Chaplain  HHC -  68-69 & 2004

POW/MIA Flag Flies Again - Roy Nussbaum has not forgotten. . .

 "Nine Days in May: The Battles of the 4th Infantry Division on the Cambodian Border, 1967"
    by Warren K. Wilkins

 "Testimony of The Protected"
    by Doug Milliken,  Recon E Co 3/8th, 69-70

 "West of Pleiku"  - The Infantryman's Novel
    by John F. Bauer,  D Co 3/8th 68-69

 "The War of the Innocents"  - Battle of Three Trees
    by Charles Bracelen Flood, a War Correspondent

 "Stars and Stripes and Shadows: How I Remember Vietnam"
    by Tim Haslam,  B Co 3/8th 3/68-3/69

 "An Infantry Lieutenant's Vietnam"
    by Ivan N. Pierce, C Co 3/8th 67-68

 "The War Above the Trees"  - Operation Wayne Grey
    by Ron Carey, 119th Assault Helicopter Company  68-69

 "Light Ruck, Vietnam 1969"  
    by Tom Lacombe,  B Co 3/12th  69

 "The Shake'n Bake Sargeant"  
    by Jerry Horton,  A Co 1/8th  68-69

 "Twelve Days In May"   Thrust into Cambodia, Operation Binh Tay I  May 1970  (part of the book is about the 3/8th Infantry)
    by  Jerald W Berry, 3/A & Bn PIO, 3-506th Airborne Infantry  

    In memory of Bernie Berry

   Open Hands and Hearts
Missions to Vietnam

1st Battalion 12th Infantry

1st Battalion 22nd Infantry

The Virtual Wall

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Department of Veterans Affairs - How May We Serve You?


C-Rations - a trip down memory lane

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Copyright 2004-2018 [Ivy Dragoons.Org] All rights reserved.