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4th Infantry Division   IVY DRAGOONS - 3rd Battalion of the 8th Infantry Regiment - 4th Infantry Division 8th Infantry Regiment
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After Action Reports & Logs

These After Action Reports are from the Ivy Dragoons Chapter Archives.  They are listed by Date and in PDF format. Some are large and can take a while to load on a dial up connection.  Please realize that these are copied, some from originals or incomplete old copies and may be difficult to read. If anyone has a better copy or more to add please contact us. 

File Size Description Type
AAR 26 Apr - 22 May 67 966 KB  9 Days of May PDF
AAR 26 May 67 463 KB  9 Days of May PDF
AAR 23 July 67 905 KB  Three Trees - Plei Ya Bo PDF
DOL 23 Jul 67 305 KB Duty Officer Log - Three Trees - Plei Ya Bo PDF
NAR 3 Nov - 21 Nov 67 HTML  1st Brigade Narrative - Battle of Dak To HTML
AAR 21 Mar - 2 Apr 68 723 KB  FSB 14 - INCOMING PDF
AAR 21 Mar - 2 Apr 68  (2) 619 KB  FSB 14 - INCOMING PDF
DOL 26 Mar 68 296 KB Duty Officer Log - FSB14 - INCOMING PDF
IMG  FSB14 788 KB FSB14 INCOMING YA940910 - Photo JPEG
IMG  Telegram 31 Mar 68 181 KB Westmoreland Telegram - Photo JPEG
DOL 30 May 68 355 KB Duty Officer Log - 30 May 68 PDF
DOL 31 May 68 292 KB Duty Officer Log - 31 May 68 PDF
DOL 1 Jun 68 341 KB Duty Officer Log - 1 Jun 68 PDF
AAR 1 Mar - 14 Apr 69 676 KB  Operation Wayne Grey PDF
AAR 2 Mar - 4 Mar 69 281 KB  Operation Wayne Grey PDF
DOL 3 Mar - 10 Mar 69 1,017KB Duty Officer Log - Operation Wayne Grey PDF
DOL 5 Mar - 6 Mar 69 162 KB Duty Officer Log - Operation Wayne Grey PDF
DOL 11 May 69 71 KB Duty Officer Log -  LZ Penny PDF
DOL  4 Oct - 5 Oct 69 243 KB Duty Officer Log - LZ Sherida PDF
DOL 9 June 70 1271 KB Duty Officer Log -  FSB Buckeye PDF
Vietnam Campaigns 227 KB A Time Line of Vietnam Campaigns PDF


Operation Wayne Grey in the Plei Trap Valley, March 1969


Operation Wayne Grey, 4 March 1969:  A Company

Lt Williams nomination for the MOH



'Nine Days of May'  -  VFW Magazine

 "Reprinted with permission from the November 2004 issue of VFW Magazine"

'Dak To: 33 Days of Violent Sustained Combat' - VFW Magazine

(About the 173rd but 3/8th gets mentioned)

 "From the March 2006 issue of VFW Magazine"

'4th - Fights Through Four Wars' - VFW Magazine

(3/8th gets recognized 4 times)

 "From the February 2007 issue of VFW Magazine"

Unit Decorations

Presidential Unit Citation (1st Brigade) for PLEIKU PROVINCE  1967
Presidential Unit Citation (1st Brigrade) for DAK TO DISTRICT  1967

Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm for VIETNAM 1966-1969

Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm for VIETNAM 1969-1970
Republic of Vietnam Civil Action Honor Medal, First Class for VIETNAM 1966-1969

  Recommended Reading :
(click on image for more information)
Testimony of The Protected  "Nine Days in May: The Battles of the 4th Infantry Division on the Cambodian Border, 1967 "
    by Warren K. Wilkins
Testimony of The Protected  "Testimony of The Protected"
    by Doug Milliken,  Recon E Co 3/8th, 69-70
 "West of Pleiku"  - The Infantryman's Novel
    by John F. Bauer,  D Co 3/8th 68-69
 "The War of the Innocents"  - Battle of Three Trees
    by Charles Bracelen Flood, a War Correspondent
 "Stars and Stripes and Shadows: How I Remember Vietnam"
    by Tim Haslam,  B Co 3/8th 3/68-3/69
 "An Infantry Lieutenant's Vietnam"
    by Ivan N. Pierce, C Co 3/8th 67-68
 "The War Above the Trees"  - Operation Wayne Grey
    by Ron Carey, 119th Assault Helicopter Company  68-69
 "Light Ruck, Vietnam 1969"  
    by Tom LacombeB Co 3/12th  69

 "Twelve Days In May"   Thrust into Cambodia, Operation Binh Tay I  May 1970  (part of the book is about the 3/8th Infantry)
    by  Jerald W Berry, 3/A & Bn PIO, 3-506th Airborne Infantry  
   "The Shake'n Bake Sargeant" 
    by Jerry Horton A Co 1/8th  68-69

Additions or Corrections please contact:


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Copyright 2004-2018 [Ivy Dragoons.Org] All rights reserved.